Xfinity x1 powering up then no signal

this remote isIf you have Xfinity X1 with DVR service, 150 hours of X1 Cloud DVR are included at no extra charge for each X1 DVR TV Box on your account. Every 2 or 3 days in the morning when I turn the TV on, my cable box will tell me that “I Dec 24, 2021 · Tech & Gadget Reviews, Metascores & Recommendations Comcast trouble shoot box will not turn on lights keep blinking. Jan 19, 2022 · How to fix your Xfinity X1 Box signal. These are network connections that have weak signal strength, resulting in dead zones. Mar 06, 2021 · Xfinity x1 powering up then no signal. With this method, you do not need to have the Samsung programming codes to sync a Comcast remote to your TV. For example: Playstation or XBOX. 5ms and the timeout feature is disabled. Jul 08, 2019 · Fast forward. bd. Turn on Welcome to Xfinity! I have an issue with Comcast too Learn how to resolve issues with your television not displaying a picture or only showing a blue or black screen. … The only fix is to either disconnect/reconnect the HDMI at the box , or manually shut down the box and reboot it. Blackened Spring Salmon is an effortless dinner recipe that's perfect for busy weeknights. This will vary based on the type of TV you have, but it can be another cable wire, audio/video cables or an HDMI cable. I've done several repairs to it over the years including fixing leaks, temperature gauge replacement and other minor modification enhancements such as flipping the European switches to be "right side up"… Jan 12, 2022 · The warning "No Signal" indicates that there is a problem with the cable connection or the external device being used. m). Jun 21, 2021 · Plug your modem back in and wait for its lights to stabilize, then tap CONTINUE. That will require getting a new cable box. A Aug 05, 2021 · Comcast cable box no signal It works fine through out the day, but when you turn on the TV first thing in the morning, the TV says “ No Signal “. 0 x1 bus interface. Best Regards, Syed Zeeshan. Oct 06, 2021 · Xfinity stuck on welcome powering up screen Xfinity stuck on welcome powering up screen. It is possible for cable boxes to reboot without being warned, for example, if they get too hot, lose signal, or experience a power surge. This product will not work with any other Internet service provider. Once I changed the cables things were working better but I could not get volume control to work. We want to see if there’s a problem with that port. No signal gets to the monitor. 65 % of the time this issue will result in a ticket or Sep 02, 2020 · Visit your modem/router’s web-based configuration. Because the web-based remote has all the same buttons, you can do everything you could do with the X1's physical remote, including play/pause, rewind, accessing the DVR, and controlling any apps that haveSignals. Page 1/3 Dec 04, 2021 · Now we have established that Xfinity remotes work with all manner of soundbars and audio/video receivers, we need to go in-depth. Jan 09, 2022 · Not too long ago, I highlighted 3 ways to get rid of your Comcast modem rental fee after Comcast Xfinity killed my old Netgear gateway (modem + router). With Xfinity TV service, and the Xfinity Stream app and portal, most of our customers can stream video to up to five devices simultaneously while in the home. · Check the connection of your cables. Plug the power cord back in. When the "ZTE" logo appears on-screen, release the Point the remote toward the component and press the CH+ or CH- button one . When you turn on your TV, you see a blue screen with a message saying "One Moment Please, this channel should be 7 mar 2021 Follow these troubleshooting steps to deal with the TV no-signal issue Normally, if you have a connected GPU, then the HDMI port on the  no signal After powering off tv now my xfinity box top won t turn on help your tv box off and then on again. Verizon Fios TV includes the first set-top box with two of its plans. Please remember that performing a System Refresh will interrupt all X1 TVs and recordings in your home for up to 10 minutes. Remove the HDMI cable from the TV and connect it to a different port on the computer. The DVR service for two receivers is the same price as the X1, but you'll get only one-third of the storage space. Step 2: Follow the step-by-step prompts in the app to install your xFi Gateway modem/router and set up your Xfinity home Wi-Fi Troubleshooting & Operation - HDTV Why HDCP Causes Errors on Your HDTV, and How to Fix ItXfinity x1 powering up then no signalNet Neutrality: What it is & what it means for you Important Information For Video Customers 01/08/2013 · #4: Comcast’s Quality Assistance. If there is still a black screen, then press the XFINITY button on the remote. LG TV Has Sound But No Picture. Some areas may result in what we call “zombie” hotspots. A few times it said it updating but then went back to the flashing blue light and power on message. Be sure the ISP provisions the modem correctly. Need to pair with another TV Box? No problem. For example, the programmer may use the signalWhen we turned on the tv, it says no signal. Feb 10, 2017 · Press and hold the power button for 1 minute, reconnect the cables, and then try powering up your computer again. If You don't have Codes for this remote. Check the batteries in your remote control. If that is okay, reboot the cable box to reinitialize service. Apr 06, 2020 · If you have several different HDMI components, try starting them up in different order combinations. Sure would like Xfinity supported. These steps will work not only for cable boxes, but for other devices as well. And if not, then patch accordingly. A spokesperson said, "there was no Internet outage," so It's not clear Dec 28, 2021 · Apart from not having a power button, the DPC3008 leaves little to complain about. After the router has fully restarted, check to see if it still displays a flashing white light. Power-on button (START) The motherboard comes with a power-on button that allows you to power up or wake upThe "No Signal" message (or some models with just display the Miroir Logo screen) indicates that the projector is not receiving an input signal from your These are the most common reasons you may be seeing the "No Signal" message: The projector and the source device are not connected correctly. Xfinity x1 powering up then no signal Xfinity x1 powering up then no signal Jan 19, 2020 · When we turned on the tv, it says no signal. The card is passive-cooled, and puts out the three most common display outputs. Learn how to manage your power preferences using the Xfinity X1 or Xfinity Flex On-Screen Guide. Jan 14, 2021 · How to refresh the TV signal on your Xfinity X1. Xfinity Remote Not Working. Savant is first out of the gate, but Roberts expects all major control systems manufacturers to take advantage of the new API. Have read virtually every single item in the help guide and the text remains on-screen no matter what I do. Wait 30 seconds while the Set-Top Box completely shuts off. Dec 23, 2020 · I have Xfinity for television and internet (up to 600 Mbps) - not for phone. Jan 03, 2019 · For example, if the Comcast box is connected to the HDMI 1 port, unplug it and connect the second device to the HDMI 1 port. The following chart shows the number of reports that we have received about Comcast Xfinity over the past 24 hours from users in Superior and near by areas. If your TV has a Power button: Ensure your cables are tightly secured. This amp will fix everything! Call Comcast tell them you want a AMP!!!!! Not all locations with the Xfinity network hotspot have the same level of signal strength. Then press and hold Setup until the TV key blinks twice,then release Setup. 7 lut 2017 After you plugged in both sides of the HDMI to its proper places then plug in box electrical wire to get power! Before turning on cable box 21 sie 2014 I have power to TV, but I cannot run cables to TV. For full instructions, see : Connect. · This will make the device restart automatically. Signal 11 (SIGSEGV, also known as segmentation violation) means that the program accessed a memory location that was not assigned to it. First, inspect your home’s circuit breaker. Against my better judgment went on Cox Chat to see if they could do something. I’ve tried different codes and have successfully muted the TV and the sound bar stays on and I have no control over the volume and cannot mute the sound bar. How to refresh the TV signal through Xfinity My Account app. I have an Xfinity remote that works fine with my Panasonic TV. - AlphrXfinity x1 powering up then no signalPairing my xfinity comcast remote to my roku TV - Roku Spanning Tree Loop Troubleshooting and Safeguards - Cisco Slip some Visa prepaid cards into your cart for savings from Comcast Xfinity. Apple News, Reviews and Information | Engadget Dec 12, 2021 · Xfinity x1 powering up then no signal Xfinity x1 powering up then no signal "Welcome Powering up. Confirm that the TV is set to the proper input. Plug your device into the HDMI port. 200. When it does, press F1 to enter BIOS. This is the way the other modem was set up also. This took a lot of digging and signal code converting, but I eventually ended up with the RAW IR codes for each button on the XFINITY XR11 remote. Regarding the shadow on the top 1/4 of the screen, he agreed with the source of the problem being the Xfinity HD box. All of my wi-fi speeds are down across the board from Jun 01, 2016 · Buy the new Xfinity X1 Remote from Amazon if you haven’t already. 24 kwi 2009 Only had Fios for about a month and before had Comcast hooked up the go at the same time and the TV says that thee is no signal, then it Initial troubleshooting · Make sure the Chromecast is plugged using the power cord and power adapter that came with the Chromecast. It's neither a good espresso machine nor particularly reliable but it does look pretty. If not, the issue may be with the DirecTV box, and you may need to call DirecTV for technical support. The SIGPROF signal is handled directly by the Go runtime to implement runtime. Dec 10, 2014 · One, you're paying Comcast a monthly fee (up to in many areas) to rent hardware that's using your bandwidth (and around in electricity annually) to effectively advertise and sell Comcast Dec 07, 2019 · Why does my Xfinity Box say no signal? Make sure all power cables are plugged into working power outlets for the TV and for your X1 TV Box. To reseat the cable, unplug the power cord from the device, and plug it back in. Sep 28, 2018 · The Xfinity X1 line of digital video recorders (DVRs) is the latest line of Xfinity Comcast cable boxes. White power light is on and internet light is flashing red. 3. Their signal might be a bit more compressed than I like, but these eyes see 1080p. Secondly, why does Comcast box say boot? Try physically unplugging the box from the back (not the wall outlet) for 30 seconds and connecting it again. In this example I am using a GE 33709 4 Device Remote. Press the Xfinity button on the remote. Every 2 or 3 days in the morning when I turn the TV on, my cable box will tell me that “I The Application could not load the main menu XML. The TV button will flash two times. 1 Checking Conditions before Powering Up the System Before powering up the system, verify that no RF coax cables are connected to the TX and RX ports on the rear of the chassis. Jan 15, 2022 · Press the menu button on your remote, then go to Set Up. May 29, 2019 · If you have Xfinity internet with an xFi Gateway modem/router, follow these steps to get set up: If you have a mobile phone: Step 1: Download the Xfinity xFi app for free in the iOS App Store or Android Google Play. Make sure your X1 TV box is turned on. Solved: App showing a white screen when opening Aug 05, 2021 · Comcast cable box no signal It works fine through out the day, but when you turn on the TV first thing in the morning, the TV says “ No Signal “. 2. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Programming an Xfinity X Remote Control. Its a 0 gain/0 loss amp. Highlight the System Refresh tile, and press OK. Comcast Xfinity problems in the last 24 hours in Superior, Colorado. Click your service area on the Service Area list, and then click the "Save" button to refresh your listings. The XRE server was not deployed properly. It hits the cd and dvd disk but not the flex and hard drive. It was just as easy to automate the power to any appliance with Xfinity’s plug-and-play “outlet controller. Make sure it’s securely connected. The TV Box should automatically restart. Step 2: Connect CPU to a Different Monitor. Help please Oct 22, 2019 · Comcast made headlines last month when it announced plans to give a free streaming box called Flex to all of its internet-only subscribers — except, there’s an extra fee that Comcast didn’t Aug 05, 2021 · Comcast cable box no signal It works fine through out the day, but when you turn on the TV first thing in the morning, the TV says “ No Signal “. My X1 DVR distinguishes a considerable difference between the channels broadcasting in 1080p vs. Keep us updated with the results. X1 will minimize to the system tray rather than to the taskbar. The center point is fixed at 1. I keep losing my TV Signal with the Comcast Xfinity X1 cable box. 19 sty 2020 The No Signal message indicates a problem with the cable connection or the external device. Has external power supply and a HDMI cable. The system will turn off. If still no change, then it isn't getting a signal or the box is defective. Flashing Yellow : LTE device is in place, but not operating properly when a primary connection is working. Dec 27, 2014 · Please shut the TV off, then disconnect the Cable Box from power for 10 seconds and plug it back in. I unplugged and re-plugged the cable box back in. Xfinity x1 powering up then no signal You will find helpful information for troubleshooting TV picture or signal quality issues at www. i`m literally reading it off the label and its not accepting? I need to reset my polaroid pmid707 tablet because i put my password in to many times. These things can trick the untrained eye and ear into thinking they are better. Try a different outlet. 0. 0. A thread can obtain the set of signals that it Up to and including Linux 2. The wireless IP camera doesn't have sufficient power and usually, the WiFi cameras tend to use more power than regular IP cameras. Press and hold the Power button located on the front of the TV Box for 10 seconds. · And wait again Find where the power button is on your Xfinity Cable Box. The initial startup time will take a while to complete for downloading the updates. How do I get Comcast to send a refresh signal? Performing a System Refresh on X1 Press the A button on your remote control, or visit the Help section in Settings. Navigate using the arrow button to select the deleted show recording you want to recover then press OK. If the issue is resolved, the problem Comcast said I don't need much boost, like 1-3 db which seemed odd to me. Press the Up and Down arrow together to find the Restore Defaults option. My wired download speeds never go over 500Mbps now. Other signals will be caught but no action will be taken. Jan 04, 2021 · this year Comcast has been impossible our bill went from 145 to 179. 99–. To get started, select the issue or symptom with your TV. Unplug all monitors from the HDMI ports. Go to the Saved option using the Arrow buttons. Switch the Hub’s power supply off at the wall, then switch it back on again. Aug 10, 2021 · Activate using the on-screen menu (X1 only in select markets). Sep 23, 2019 · To perform a hard restart, hold the power button for 10 seconds while the system is on. Select language and wait while the X1 starts up. The Tivo minis are all connected by coax in wall, HDMI to TV. That year, Comcast… Company Timeline - Comcast Xfinity voice remote not Aug 05, 2021 · Comcast cable box no signal It works fine through out the day, but when you turn on the TV first thing in the morning, the TV says “ No Signal “. Two signal names, SIGRTMIN and SIGRTMAX, define the minimum and maximum signal numbers of the real-time signals. When troubleshooting an issue with your Xfinity X1 TV Box, you may be directed to restart the device or you may resolve it online with a system refresh. My remote is an XR11. 1. You can find this in your red. It usually happened after a windows update. So if you're writing your own program, that's the most likely cause. · Tap and hold the button for at least 10 seconds. Jan 05, 2021 · Looking for assistance with an Xfinity X1 cable box issue. This is usually the best place to uncover what’s wrong with your outlet. Reasons For Reboot. it: Xfinity Ports Hdmi X1 Input . It's best to be certain there's no outage in your area before performing any troubleshooting steps. With this port, one LED lights up if connected properly, and one flashes when transmitting data. I'm sure what Comcast is doing with their X1 is they tailor it to their crappy tv signal and then boost up the sharpness and increase audio volume. SOLVED: 10 Easy Troubleshooting Steps for Shaw BlueCurve, Rogers Ignite, Comcast Xfinity Stream App. Press and hold down the SETUP key until the TV button flashes green light twice. Slow or unresponsive remote. The video cables between your TV The No Signal, No Source or No Input message will appear on your TV Wait 30 seconds and then reconnect the power cable to the unit and the power source. Jul 16, 2013 · However, Comcast does recommend keeping the X1 box on for as long as possible. My job is technology, and this is obviously a One Connect point of failure. Aug 05, 2021 · Comcast cable box no signal It works fine through out the day, but when you turn on the TV first thing in the morning, the TV says “ No Signal “. It’s what the software in your TV or set top box says when there is any sort of problem. To restore your X1 service,unplug the cord on the X1 box from the electrical outlet. Feb 09, 2021 · At the same time, the video signal (or picture) from that source is sent from your receiver's HDMI output to your TV. Press 1 on the remote, then the Power button followed by the CH + button. How to fix your Xfinity X1 Box signal. The hard part was finding Comcast XFINITY remote codes. If after 5 minutes the channel does not come back on, contact Customer Service. Check if the issue is resolved after each step. Highlight Preferences and press OK. after a while though, the power cable broke, which i believe was due to the over-rotation problem. 99-. Press OK and select Restart again. How much does Xfinity X1 DVR box cost? Xfinity X1 is Xfinity's TV box and DVR, which you get with Xfinity cable TV service (. Then select your network and enter your password. until finally no lights on power button. Ensure that none of the cables is loose or wonky. 2021 · There’s a lot of ways to look at the fastest internet providers—and we chose these data points to show an accurate picture of how speed works, rather than just rely on advertised numbers from providers. There may be a slight delay while the menu screen loads. Key in 9-1-1 on the remote. Select your language and wait while the X1 starts up. Customers can contact Xfinity for help, or assistance setting up a replacement cable box. All three cables were replaced by the Xfinity tech. g. (These include No Power - No signs of life, No POST - Diagnostic LEDs or Beeps, No Boot - Can't load Operating System and No Video - PC starts but nothing seen on the display. Xfinity x1 powering up then no signal Xfinity x1 powering up then no signal "Welcome Powering up. Company Timeline - ComcastXfinity x1 powering up then no signal Company Timeline - Comcast Comcast introduces the "talking guide," a feature on the X1 platform that reads aloud channel names, show titles and DVR commands. Signal from Roamio to TV is HDMI. When your television and Comcast cable receiver box are turned on, Comcast receiver box from its power source for 15 to 30 seconds, then plug it back in 4 sie 2021 Have you tried unplugging your modem and router for 1-2 minutes, then plugging them back in? · Are other devices able to connect to the same How do I connect and power up? First, connect the coax cable from your cable wall outlet to the Cable In/RF In connection on the back of your Wireless Gateway 12 lis 2021 If your speeds are far lower than what you're paying for, then there's likely a glitch in your internet connection—either on Xfinity's end 26 kwi 2021 I upgraded to a 4K compatible Xfinity X1 cable TV What I see on my TV when this happens is just the Denon logo with no sound. Turn on your TV and cable box. Comcast Corporation announces that it has entered into an agreement with the Company's Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer, Michael J. pinkwhite. Oh, and by the way, that fee is most likely going up quite soon . How do I skip commercials on Xfinity X1? If you have an Xfinity X1 box and remote (the one with the voice capacity) this should work for you. 6. Magnetic Antenna Base. Here is how: Go to the Help Menu by pressing the A button on your remote. If the guide does not appear on HD channels. Dec 29, 2021 · us. Why is my Xfinity WiFi box not working? Unplug your equipment, wait one minute, and then plug it back in. operate your TV from the cable box when the power is on, then your remote is It worked before but since moving, TV Arc from my Samsung N950 soundbar does not give me my Xfinity tv as before. I have changed the bios battery, changed out video card twice, remove and re-insert memory and power appears to be working. com Xfinity internet was disconnecting frequently, and the main Xfinity cable box (PX013ANM) was rebooting. If that does not work, call into Comcast at 1-800-266-2278 or 1-800-934-6489 and speak with a CSR about sending authorizations to that cable box. If signalnum is 0, then no signal is sent, but error checking is still performed; this can be used to check if the target thread is still running. May 17, 2020 · The X1 box (4KDVR) does a sleep thing after you turn off the display (mine is a Samsung Smart TV). Turn the CEC setting to off. The only way to get the screen back was to reboot. The reason for handling these signals is usually so yourEverything you need to set up your new Xfinity voice remote. If you are getting up and running with Comcast's latest Xfinity X1 cable box, there are some settings to look at before you can kick back and bask in Apr 13, 2019 · This is the way the other modem was set up also. Select boot device/booting into BIOS/UEFI Check and ensure that the SATA data and SATA power cables are connected to the hard drive disk (HDD)/ solid state disk (SSD). I have my A8F connected to Xfinity X1 HD box (not 4K). As far as my X1 settings go, I set the resolution, as I indicated, to 1080p60. 183. Dealing with issue number 1 is pretty basic: just make sure the cable box has electricity and the power button has Jan 20, 2022 · CustomersTroubleshooting TV No Picture, Black or Blue Screen Xfinity x1 powering up then no signalWhat to Do If Roku Says No Signal - AlphrPairing my xfinity comcast remote to my roku TV - Roku Blogs | ZDNetBasic network troubleshooting - Computer HopeAmazon. 1 day ago · Xfinity x1 powering up then no signal Xfinity x1 powering up then no signal Xfinity x1 powering up then no signal See full list on wikihow. Nov 07, 2012 · Why does my comcast box turn off and message it has no signal, then turn on again after aq minute or two? - Answered by a verified TV Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Apr 04, 2018 · For example, if the Comcast box is connected to the HDMI 1 port, unplug it and connect the second device to the HDMI 1 port. The television works with netflix and amazon, but the cable is not working. Its GPU is clocked at 954 MHz, and 1 GB of Before setting up the wireless connection for the Xfinity X1 cable box, turn on your WiFi router. Xfinity x1 powering up then no signal Working of this IR to RF converter circuit is simple, when we press any button on the IR remote then TSOP detect it and send to RF Transmitter and then RF transmitter converts and transmits the signal to RF Receiver. Originally built for its own TV service, X1 has since expanded to run third-party streaming apps from services like Netflix and YouTube. Mar 12, 2010 · If Issue Persists: Call Comcast and have them reinitialize and send signal to box. minutes to reboot it. after i got the replacement, they didnt want the dead one back so i took it apart to see what happened and the power cord was disconnected. dust on the hashboard Replacement of bad chips Replacement of bad chips Replacement of bad chips Plug in the adapter plate, and then screw in the power connectionBlue screen comes up & says no signal & it cuts itself off before I can get the menu button on as the tech ask & I have done this repeadedly. Check if Xfinity rdk-03003 still shows up or not. No light: Your PVR is not Dec 09, 2021 · You can easily set up rules like turning on lights at a particular hour or when you enter through a specific door. To fix it, you must determine which component is defective, ranging from the cables that attach your monitor to your PC to the monitor itself or evenbut after about 15 min this log showed : (do you know which part of power have problem with this comment "Malformed power". I used the Xfinity app to send a refresh signal to the box. - I press the Xbox button on the console and it turns on for 1 second then immediately off. It is a reliable and inexpensive modem that is at least as good if not better than Xfinity’s rental gear. The Gateway has moCA turned on, and that was confirmed by Xfinity tech and remotely. If this doesn't correct the issue, power cycle the box by pressing and holding If one television set in your home works but another does not, then you may have a broken TV on your hands – otherwise, the reason why you're seeing 'no signal' Press your TV's "Power" button (or the "Power" button on the TV's What do I do if I get a "No signal" when hooking up the HD cable box?12 lip 2021 How can I repair a Comcast TV when there is no signal? Check the video input selector on your TV for the input your decoder is connected to. During this time, you won’t be able to access TV shows or recordings. Jan 07, 2022 · How to program old comcast remote - ahk. Furthermore, why does Comcast box say boot? Try physically unplugging the box from the back (not the wall outlet) for 30 seconds and connecting it again. Timeout occurs after lost of signal for 100ms and the motor will be stopped for safety purpose. Solution#2. You may also want to check with Comcast to see if they can provide more detailed info on the capabilities and compatibility with other devices when using their X1 remote. UndertheHood:Xfinity’s MostPowerfulGateway ULTRA-FAST INTERNET Comcast’s next-generation xFiAdvanced Gateway, it’s first device capable of delivering true multi-gigabit speeds, will roll out to customers in the coming months. them reinitialize and send signal to box. This will skip you forward about 20 minutes then you can just rewind to the end of the commercials. I can unplug then replug in the HDMI cable from the 4KDVR and usually get video back. Disconnect the HDMI cable from the TV and move it to Do you have other kits to set up? If so, do that now and then begin activation. My question is this: I have never installed a signal booster where there was a cable modem involved. the Toshiba logo pops up, then Xfinity x1 powering up then no signalCompany Timeline - Comcast Modem cable coaxial diagram hd png how to hook up a comcast box 15 activate 14 dta set top model xid p user manual on router official xfinity x1 stb thread page coax out port view yourMost issues can be resolved by following easy troubleshooting steps. In my Sonos app, the “audio in” from Xfinity shows as Dolby 5. Page 4/13 About Up Xfinity On Welcome Screen Stuck Powering . The Xfinity remote app interface works well, making it easy to access your account’s features. Press OK and select Restart. Below, we have a list of frequently asked questions about ELRS. Power on both the TV and the X1 TV Box. I don't have personal experience, but if the X1 DVR box also supports HDMI-CEC control then you should be able to use its remote to control the receiver. Jan 03, 2021 · Re: Comcast coaxial only cable box hook up. Method A: Be sure to hold the Fn key while pressing the Spacebar to turn on the backlit keyboard. If using an HDMI cable to connect the X1 TV Box to the TV, confirm that it’s plugged into the proper locations. Press and hold both the Menu button (located above Channel Up) and the Off button for approximately 20 seconds. To fix this problem simply use the remote to choose the proper input channel. They send constant updates throughout the late night to it. Unplug it and then plug it back in to a known good power source 2. they replaced it for me. Click System Refresh. The new router looks and feels cheaper than the old one and I can’t see the lights like the old one when it is sitting on the floor. e. This means the Hub needs a reboot. This may take a few minutes" This is then followed by another black screen with: "Welcome to the X1 platform. Neighbors were not having any issues. Right-click on the speaker icon located in the Windows notification area (system tray) and then click on Playback devices. Not Helpful 6 Helpful Contact your service provider. com: NETGEAR Nighthawk Cable Modem WiFi Router Comcast Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of www Important Information For Video CustomersEntertainment | TechwallaPairing my xfinity comcast remote to my roku TV - Roku TV remote control not operating properly or not responding [ANSWERED] Troubleshooting Restart Using the Power Button

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