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9. FAQ Report Website checker. Check it out. 7. 2 CreepyGirl. It is really a staggering number because 2017. I just ape I'd like some Useless technical information. It takes someone with a lot of time on their hands to figure out a couple of these things. Earwax Candle Kit. Jul 01, 2015 · The single most useless Web site on the Internet is a page only one person can visit at a time (mostexclusivewebsite. Whether you are at work, school, home, waiting for something or someone, on public transport, mostly any place and time you may think of, visiting anotheruseless. Jan 13, 2020 · Top 15 Useless Websites to Analyze. com by rafa. It has been coded in such a way that, no matter how far you scroll down the page, the legs of the horse and the log of the tree never comes to an end. Fascinating True Stories From the Flip Side of History. Secrets for Nicotine. Anyone else claiming to be me will be banned from this wiki. Contributions. trash loop . The useless web is a single button, which opens new links to an array of strange and odd websites. 00 out of 5. If you are thinking about end-of-the-year donations, please keep UBS in mind. The music is remixed from a Swedish song " Fångad av en stormvind " (Captured by a Storm Wind) for the Eurovision Song Contest in 1991. com and click Please, you will enter the land of uselessness. And the Internet has another side: wacky, crazy or seemingly useless sites. nl Apr 29, 2018 · Funny and Odd News for Apr 16, 2018. org · 4. Stop wasting your time and view something useless! Most useless websites onlinecorn dog on corn dogYou need to enable JavaScript to run this app. Probably one of the best website that setting up the perfect pataphysics attitude. Dec 09, 2021 · The Useless Web is a website that's somewhat similar, except that its only goal is to show you the most pointless websites that exist on the internet. 0. Collection of jodi, white trash . You just have to go to theuselessweb. One Fish Studio's uselesscatgame · 3. ~,,. Discover the most ridiculous, useless websites in the world or have them delivered to your inbox! We aim to list only pointless and useless sites that are completely pointless, don't have pop ads, are original, are useless, are not offensive and make you smile - family friendly fun. Join Our Membership. May 13, 2021 · bob is mad (unsetting warning) bob is mad sites. . You will see a stroboscopic animation. Welcome to The Useless Web wiki! This website will tell you everything about this website; and The useless web (linked above) is a website that brings you (OBVIOUSLY) to a useless website!Viimeisimmät twiitit käyttäjältä The Useless Web (@TheUselessWeb). Most Useless Website. It’s only logical that we finish the list of weird websites with the weirdest of them all. My favorite is the mechanical hand that keeps tapping its fingers in a perfect loop. There are 293 ways to make a change for a dollar. windows93. When the start board reads Go, begin clicking, speed is what matters here. Apr 11, 2019 · totally-useless Guide April 11, 2019 April 11, 2019 Traders 0 Comment Thanks to a popular investment app that allows you to buy and sell stocks for free, many people out there think the prerequisite to day trading is a bank account with k. On the home page, you will be prompted to click on the "Please" button and random, in response to the phrase "Take me to another useless web site". On the platform tiles. Version TAKE ME TO ANOTHER USELESS WEBSITE →PLEASE← http://www. ] You have been reporting the top exit pages of your website each month, and to glean more insights you show trends for the last six months. We've created a survival kit to help you use less plastic and mapped some great zero waste shops in and around London. Jan 24, 2022 · Useless Deterrents is posted on Conservative Daily News – Where Americans go for news, current events and commentary they can trust – Conservative News Website for U. A list of useless websites. com, family collection klinkhamer, code by reinier feijen - www. 10 views It was a list of links to web pages the writers deemed egregiously useless, with humorous descriptions. It's enjoyed cycles of popularity TikTok에서 useless websites 관련 쇼트 비디오를 찾아보세요. horse or secure. On the home page, you will be prompted to click onBest Useless Websites is the web's best destination for finding random useless websites. The useless websites. This site is highly addictive, and you will never be bored visiting this site again and again. Completely and utterly useless facts. Click our bored button. 6. Useless websites also have their uses. When it comes to web metrics, most people spend most (or all) of their time looking at averages. It really was the most useless, weird yet fun and entertaining website to visit. July 1, 2015. org people would collaborate on digital paintings. There are so many completely useless websites out there (this is the internet, This is an adorable website, one you could probably2017. This website is a photoblog. Pointer Pointer by @StudioMoniker. (19) 9. · 3. The author of the game is programmer Michael Berman and the idea is to find a kitty on a white screen, where he has to walk around with the 2020. cat-bounce. Tino was rescued by Useless Bay Sanctuary, and now he rescues lost dogs. endless. The useless websites. CurseTail · 5/15/2021. Categories Categories; Browse; Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Its live here. From science, history, broken records and more. Useless websites for time-wasting are exactly the kind of pointless thing you need to make procrastinating even easier. The Useless Website:www. It’s a perfect time waster. Yes, you read correctly — 1,197,982,359 active websites make up the world wide web. The project was started by Nikolaus Baumgarten and emerged from a scene of people creating collaborative artworks over the internet in the early 2000's surrounding the digital art group iCE. The Useless Websites About Contact Welcome to the Useless Website Hub. WWWF News. Mondrian and Me. Not every useless website on the internet has to be absurd. Rated 5. Long Doge Challenge. com Is It White??? no 20 Useless Websites list to kill time if you are bored Found 28 minutes ago ago at The Windows Club TheWindowsClub covers Windows 11, Windows 10 tips, tutorials, how to, features, freeware. Here are the top websites you can waste time on. The site is chosen in a totally random way: you can just as easily come across a web giant like Amazon Bored a lot is the home to 1000s of websites to cure boredom. USELESS. Checks can be . Sure, no problem! I would personally define a useless website as a place on the internet where you cannot do 29 Most Useless Websites in 2022 · 1. Jan 03, 2022 · Useless Information. com. Start Using This Webmix. Welcome on random-website. be/VPPYW6yuO_8 Follow Me on Twitter ::Top 15 Useless Websites to Analyze. They can help you productively procrastinate or simply pass some idle time. Nov 11, 2012 · There are plenty that might come up, from flash animations that entertain for about ten second like RGB or interactives like Cat Bounce or old favorites like Koalas to the Max. 1. Useless Home. He builds it in 2012, it served as a hub for all things quirky and weird on the Internet. Nov 21, 2013 · This website is clearly at the top of our weirdness-o-meter. One of the useless website that I found it Bury Me With My Money. Magazine on trivia and interesting facts. - DPS and EPS calculation changed to reflect each unit type. org/ by Miltos Manetas!Cue the useless websites that are intentionally designed for the most hardcore of timewasters. This is exactly what it sounds like, and it can make a list of weird websites all on its own. ​. The Useless Web is a kind of humor lottery 2. Some people really have a lot of spare time and they’ve come up with all these crazy, yet utterly useless websites. Most people ask the question - take me to a useless website and lacquerlacquer. Although the website doesn't have an incredible amount of Find out some of the most pointless and useless websites on the internet and According to Ahrefs, the average backlink that a useless website has is 2015. Some of them I just knew about. The Useless Wisdom, the only place to come to get your mind off of some dumb sh!t and on to some different, other dumb sh!t. 2. The Useless Web Index. riddly diddly. uselesswebsitesz. Believe it or not, sites dedicated to encouraging you to do absolutely nothing productive actually do And time-wasting websites are one of the best ways to decompress. Here you will get links to 5 pointless search engines, and 15 of the stupidest websites. It can be pretty entertaining and can help you find the strangest websites that you had no idea existed. Zenly is a live map of your friends and family. Here are some of the most popular. jacksonpollock. Useless Site [email protected] Want some gum? You have been tricked. Nov 17, 2012 · The useless web It's not new, it's not clever, but it is a great way to waste time. Go ahead and Try!The useless web has some pages unsuitable for school, but the bored button should be fine for anywhere. It is impossible to see the bottom of that site. Tweet. Funny Dog Stuff. Get 100's of the most interesting websites to kill your boredom. 14. Thousands of useless websites! Explore the most useless and pointless websites at random. First off, a link to another good site. Before moving forward let me warn you the list mentioned below is the list of websites that you will get addicted to. Believe it or not, Appa found ANOTHER 20 Useless Websites! PART TWO!! Ok, so you are going to get to the end of this post and seriously wonder how I found all of these webpages. This list features pointless and useless websites. Finding great sites on the Web is easy. Note: Most of these items have not been verified. 10. Yo RANDOMUSELESSFACT and we'll yo back a random useless fact. 8. We are super pumped to launch the BRAND NEW TWWWE - The World's BEST Website Ever! Our goal is bring you the absolute goodly in really not-awful web sight design! We are setting out to NOT BREAK every single design rule imaginable! HOWEVER - BIG DISCLAIMER - we can't bring back ALL the awesome design stuff from the mid 90s - stuff that's FOR Get rid of back pain in an unorthodox and attention-grabbing but effective manner with the Loop Glisson for stretching. Jan 24, 2022 · A funny website filled with funny videos, pics, articles, and a whole bunch of other funny stuff. [Before we go on please know that top exit pages is a different measurement than top pages that bounce. 8 bit dance Useless websites. No matter what anyone says, cats are the ultimate procrastination thing on the internet. If website exists, you can find it by clicking on the random button. UK mag with photos of New York, London, Chicago, Brixton, Wales, drug information, useless games, rave stories, direct action, techno, politics, protest, football Optical Illusions are visually perceived objects and images that differ from reality, browse our 100 different illusion images and videos. While only about 15% are currently active, among those you’ll find the gem of gems — websites that are active and carefully designed yet are absolutely, in the most amusing of ways, utterly useless. A Dutch guy who loves the internet right from it's start. Related keywords: collection of jodi white tras Patience is a virtue | Welcome The Fonz the end of reason . Aug 15, 2014 · Your Digital Self 10 strange and useless web sites you didn’t know existed Published: Aug. That's right, folks. There’s nothing much at first until you see a person falling from the top of your screen and hitting the ground. The secure web version has an infinite tree and the horse. YouTube. make it ugly YOUR UGLY WEBSITE and you thought it looked okay- THE DEFINITIVE UGLY WEBSITE cover your eyes, lock up your pets and hide the valuables. COM BY RAFAEL ROZENDAAL - 2011 - WWW. Let Lee's (Useless) Super-Hero Generator set you on the right track. Thank you uselessweb. Brought to you thru the endless magic of OpenGL ! Register now for just US. Developed by Tim 2021. With the COVID-19 pandemic, social networks have been under greater pressure than ever to… Trivial Trivia is a collection of interesting but useless trivial facts, unconventional wisdom, unusual information and extraordinary bits of knowledge. Chat Support. There are over 1 billion websites on the web. These are useless and fun websites. The Useless Web Button take me somewhere useless. May 18, 2014 · In 2012, it’s estimated the internet hosted an incredible 634 million websites. Completely and utterly useless facts. But now there's a website that offers people some alone-time online, and it's so popular its servers are crashing. 2018. Bounce around thousands of crazy, pointless, funny, 2021. Add To Cart. 8 Incredibly Pointless Websites That Make Uselessness an Art Form · Wait! One Quick Note Before We Begin. To make the worldhttp://www. 0. com/mdvorscak/leekspins and the person who emailed me about it being busted lol v1. nl by rafaël rozendaal, 2001. After all, it provided no pictures, costs, or contact information and served as little other than a gateway to membership whereupon they would supposedly help you find an apartment. com – A website so exclusive, only one person can be on it at a time. 474 people were also tricked. 'The Useless Web' is a carefully curated collection of hundreds of the most pointless websites that lie all over the internet. com by rafael rozendaal - 2014 - www. New Fact. It's a fun website that will help you discover more utterly pointless  The Useless Web . paskalvanlomm. 30. 17 Completely Useless Websites To Get You Through A Long Work Day · 1. net. Useless Useless Network proudly presents itself. We have wide selection of most popular, viral and state of art text based emoticons such as WTF emoji, Table flipping emoji, Angry face emoji, Arm raised in anger emoji, cute animal emoji, Sad emoji, Happy emoji, cool emoji and many more. FREE. Cat Bounce · 4. I'm also looking for some people to help me translating for other countries. You can do a reverse configuration such that Google CSE searches the entire Internet except the websites that you think are useless. Task: User interface ( UI) and concept design of various social networking features for airfinance journals and events. com), Google hacks(@google. The Useless Web is a website that with one click redirect you to one of the best useless websites. Answer (1 of 34): I don’t think so. google. Just click the big pink button to discover one, and it will automatically open in a new tab. List of Useless Websites! Ephraim Batambuze III March 22, 2017. watch me making this: twitch youtube. Yesterday, this old girl was wandering aimlessly in the street, three blocks from home. No quirky cats with laser eyes, no So there you have it, 19 of the best useless websites you can find in the internet's deepest corners. 610. Graphical presentation of members and search results, event scheduling, interactive network journey tracking, discussion forums, blogs, white papers, video trainings, and much more. Dark mode for every website. Bored Button. Why bother with useless websites? The Useless Web; Falling Falling; Taghua; RGB; That's the finger; Endless Horse; Le Duchamp; Paper Toilet 2011. 0 - 1st September, 2005 - Original Release. 23. OMFGDOGS is one of the useless pages. horse is a website featuring a horse with infinite long legs. Get useless fact of today (Updates every 24 hours) GET /today. ©2013 - 2021 www. cat. Yes, this is really a website! The homepage is from where you jump to other websites, with the words, “Take me to another useless website, 2021. www. We’ve ranked the world most useless websites based on how linking root domains they have. Jul 13, 2020 · Critical thinking abilities are sharpened as children find and explain puzzles one of a kind to every Island. Boredom is a silent killer and you should kick it out of your life. NULLING THE VOID. 95! May 22, 2020 · Moderation, I can tell you firsthand, is one of the most important and challenging aspects of social media. Yo is no longer supported. · 2. Ad. nyan. Watch the bouncing DVD logo hit a corner of the InternetGet The Monolith on your iOS and Android devices for free! Minimum recommended browser width: 1366px. Some things even though simply worthless, can be so entertaining and well, time pass Get a break! Get your kicks with these wonderfully useless websites!Discover the most ridiculous, useless websites in the world or have them delivered to your inbox!Useless website: Rappers with Animals memes (don't know how to pronounce it still either), or 'internet' jokes or 'web sensations' or any of that shit. Eel Slap Take me to a useless website! While I was stuck indoors during hurricane Sandy, in 2015, I went down a strange rabbit hole of weird websites. Procatinator. It occurred to me recently that it has actually been several years since I first gave you all the 20 Most Useless Websites Ever, and it's occupied a top spot in our most viewed pages list on the House of Geekery for the majority of that time. 12. papertoilet. com · 2. Plastic bottles escape the recycling bin every year. Another list of Useless Webpages by APPA THE GYPSY. · #1 Zombo Com · #2 PointerPointer · #3 Welcome to our "Take Me To A Useless Website" list. Talk to my ass. 2014. That's the cycle of life! When most you must have been searching for the world's top websites, you are currently at the page, which tells you a story of World's Most Useless Websites!wop bop bal loo bop a wop bam boom wop bop bal loo bop a wop bam boom wop bop bal loo bop a wop bam boom wop bop bal loo bop a wop bam boom wop bop bal loo bop a wop GoFullPage - Full Page Screen Capture. Check out the range of useless sites today which are constantly being updated. Feb 26, 2018 · Here are some of the useless, weird, and cool websites that can be found on the internet. The Useless Websites. Click to visit the website. Broof. #1 for strange facts, weird tidbits and useless information You need javascript for this. Where useless knowledge breeds champions. Dec 23, 2011 · A List of Useless Webpages by APPA THE GYPSY. Not in the mood for randomness? Do you like to be in control? Or do you want to visit a specific useless website? No worries, you can browse and click on the links you want. WORLD'S MOST USELESS WEBSITES!! Subscribe and join TeamTDM! :: http://bit. Here are the rankings: badgerbadgerbadger. Creativity is. The Useless Web; The Useless Web is a website made to fix people's boredom. The end of the internet. I am using this site for e-filing of returns since last 6 years and find easy and timely processing of refund orders. About the Zoomquilt. Read about it. 4 Human Leather. The vastness of the Internet is full of The Useless Web is a kind of humor lottery 2. Jul 01, 2018 · Visit rrgggbbb. 21. Should you look for “useless websites” on the internet along with other search engines like google, you will see that there are many similar websites that get you to a number of pointless. Michigan troopers ask locals not to bubble wrap that bridge that trucks keep hitting. No description. mostexclusivewebsite. Discover Our Facilities. Although considered useless they are also amusing and fun at the same time. Look through other people's windows · 2. 11시간 전 Useless Websites list · 1] The Useless Web · 2] Corgiorgy · 3] Do nothing for 2 minutes · 4] Falling guy · 5] Po-ta-to · 6] Corndogcorndog · 7] Click 2014. This really shows the weird side of the internet. theuselessweb. Podcasting Since January 2008. BOXOFCHOCOLATES. Pug licking screen. And not all men are created equal. 2020. ” That’s all, hope you enjoyed! The registered version lets you download fish right into the screen saver from the Settings screen on the Mac OS X version, and from the website for Windows. U N 2008 U N 2008 May 20, 2017 · Giphy hosts one of the biggest GIF collections on the web. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Most Exclusive Website. wwwdotcom. The old ways of doing things are constantly being improved upon, and that means some household objects get left behind. Upstate NY police department fed up with snow, charges winter with loitering. TED: Ideas worth spreading. 66 Weird & Useless Websites You Won't Believe Actually Exists · 1. The Useless Web. Less than a minute. Bored? Me too. Making a website simpler to use for end-users is a more difficult task. com Find the most useless websites on the Internet with Useless web app. There are between 300 and 450 dimples on a regulation golf ball. 11. com/channel/UC9xvpSy20Wupok1jGo0J6Zgwildspartanz (brandon): https://www. Feb 20, 2018 · The Useless Web test . The useless websites A list of useless websites Go random. A very useless website WARNING: USELESS. This website can take you to very time consuming, useless, but fun websites. website will surely help the time go faster and probably make you smile also. watch me making this: youtube. Yo for a random useless fact. 4. But it takes hard work and dedication to find the truly annoying and dazzlingly useless ones. Sporcle. Now here’s a little trick. 10 hours ago · The World Wide Web has had a huge impact on our lives today. Well, this is a useless websites where you can find lots of cool stuff and articles. FALLING FALLING . When you ask yourself, "take me to a useless website", just hit the bored button and start exploring. Check the first box and we're off to the races! ↯ A Useless Web Project Useless Web ProjectClick The Random Button to go all around the webLet's see how many walls we can break down together. :p. The web is supposed to be the world's most inclusive medium: Which is why Justin Foley thought it might be funny to make a site that was 2018. Just click on it and it will redirect you to another useless website on a new tab. "good for nothing but love!" Donations are greatly appreciated. Once you are addicted to them then you your self will say please take me to the useless website. These Prank Packs are the perfect gag gift box for any occasion - Holidays & Birthday parties, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and more! Buy Now! Add to Wishlist. s . . Amidst all this serious stuff, there is a part of the "The items, homepages, web sites, products and matters discussed and reviewed in Worst of the Web™ represent the opinion (good, bad or indifferent) of the maintainers themselves, and are not meant as representations of fact by any person, nor are such opinions the opinions of any person, group, company or entity other than the maintainers. Webmix users: Jun 21, 2015 · The Useless Web. Inspired to the site: http://www. As its name suggests, this website sends you to eBay pages with the weirdest, most confusing products being sold on the internet at the simple click of a button. youtube. Aug 17, 2012 · CSE, if you are new, is Google except that it is meant for searching a smaller set of websites and not the entire Internet. Some men are very successful in online dating: either they have amazing looks or they’re just better with words. Jun 23, 2020 · You may lose track of time while sifting through the cuteness. The Useless All My Links. com/ Friends Hello Everyone, Welcome to a video on a website titled: The Useless Web! I encounter a load of hilarious websitesWebsite that gets angry when you try to leave it. Tap to unmute. How old is the useless Web? A similar website, The 2015. If you know of one of them being erroneous, please correct me using the feedback link at the bottom. Most useless website on the internet that cares about text based Emoji. Sporcle is the main supplier of incidental data diversion on the web, on cell phones, and at live shows. Hi there! To get started, HOLD DOWN the space key for 3 seconds. doggy. write funny website text HERE. boxofchocolates. > Orteil 'TOE' 'aka Dead'. These are the most useless websites on the web in 2017. Does your business have a terribly useless website? Useless websites need a customer-centric redesign that increases conversion rates. The average person falls asleep in 7 minutes. m. NL, COLLECTION OF HAMPUS LINDWALL, SOUND BY GLOUMOTH - HTTP://GLOUMOUTH1. Weird websites, Useless Websites, Funny Websites & More5. We've ranked the world most useless websites based on how linking root domains they have. Fat lady loves apples. New Yorkers repeatedly ticketed even though they don t have a car. enter the website There is no one in front of you Only one visitor is allowed in the exclusive website Gallery of useless, weird, and interesting facts sorted by popularity. Magazine and subscription information; new trivia and facts; online store. 2012. sanger. 17. 2008. Yet a year ago I made up this website, but I thought it still needed a makover. com, celebrating 50 years of humor. They damage your rankings - by preventing search engine website crawlers from indexing pages. The Useless Websites is a list of PIXELS FIGHTING Useless Websites Mar 08, 2017 · hybridmoment, a website created by Rafaël Rozendaal in 2009. Attack of the Cute is a crowd-pleaser. Useless websites can teach a thing or two about the lesson of simplicity. It's a perfect time waster. com by rafael rozendaal - 2015 - www. The Useless Web is a website that takes you to a lot of different random, and just absolutely useless websites around the world wide web. Bored with the web? Think you've seen it all? Surf the web a new way with this random website generator. Dec 04, 2012 · The Useless Web is the work of developer Tim Holman, who has curated a nice list of useless websites. Random Useless Website. To copy your favourite emoji to clipboard just tab or click the emoji. Push the button "Take me to another Useless Website" at the top and let us take you to a random useless website. “Define useless?” you may ask. Chicken on a raft. Mirsky's Worst of the Web; References Click toggle or press any key • Source codeSource code A twitter bot that predicts the actions of world leaders and then sends them alternative recommendations. Stare at the center of the animation for 30 seconds… then look away and around you. You can trust us Jun 06, 2017 · “A perfect useless website,” Martin explains, “has to be simple and straight to the point. You go to this website, click a big button then get redirected to a generally useless website. Here are the top five "take me to a useless website" websites present on the online sphere. Jul 08, 2012 · A friend of mine was debating whether or not the apartment finding web site he was trying to use was the most useless web site ever. Let's go!existential crisis . 15. World's worst website - Everything you could dislike in a website, in a website. Rafaël Rozendaal is a visual artist who used the internet as his canvas to create hybrid moment. HackerTyper · 2. A Quick Look at Our Show What do you get when you throw a deep thinking, business minded content creator in a room with a quick witted, family oriented administrator carrying a troubled past? Mar 09, 2015 · Here are some funny and useless facts you can amaze your friends with! Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated. Weird blobs dark mode. Staff. Jul 16, 2020 · Enjoy this list of most useless websites present on web. Don't false start. 90. - Destroy popup shows how many Shards you'll get. aksually: https://www. Useless Websites. Similar websites. 30 useless but fun websites that are any procrastinator's dream · 1. Also see Pointless Sites - Tile Puzzles - Tell a friend Most useless website on the internet that cares about text based Emoji. 12/27/2016 0 Comments This is the useless web site list of the most pointless websites around todat and that's exactly what you'll get here. WowenWilsonQuiz. Screaming goat piano. Take me to another useless website · 블로그 정보 · Snippets/Interesting의 다른 글 · 이 블로그 인기글. Webmix users: 4 Users. In time it grew to a directory 2020. This was created by: @alterebro If you consider this website a total waste of time, please don't hesitate to share it immediately on your social networks. The Useless Web because some websites, we just couldn't do without - By Tim Holman - Read About The Sites - submit your own The Useless Websites List. - Lowered recommended minimum browser width. Sad for japan. teeja on Dec 1, 2012 [–] Some of those are definitely not useless to kids. Categories: Political Cartoons. More . org. It’s handmade from steel and double-stitched nylon and will effectively help you unpinch your nerves and relieve pain. Sep 03, 2012 · Totally Useless Knowledge! This includes the odd things that animals can do or just plain strange things that happen in nature. Web developer Tim Holman has created a website that leads to other websites that are all pointless, aimless and completely captivating. Written by the Author Can’t Play Chess. The national anthem of Greece has 158 verses. 2016. Useless Bay provides exceptional golf, dining and recreation in a unique, welcoming club environment where old friends meet and new friends are made. 44. ly/TxtGm8▻ Previous Video :: https://youtu. Sometimes, adding more stuff is not the improvement needed to make a website usable. staggeringbeauty. Get a random useless fact (A new one each request) GET /random. Best collection of the random weirdest websites ever and useful websites. The longest one - syllable word in the English language is "screeched"

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