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You gritted your teeth and looked up at him. Jealousy and comfort. “Baby steps. You pause, eyes glued to the bright screen of your phone. Spencer smiled and took a bite of the bread. POV: Third Person POV but following certain characters. #spencer reid x reader He asked as he stood up. Deviation Actions. Reader ends up being abducted by unsub and Spencer has to make a choice towards his feelings to reader. 11 months ago · 31 pages. - ) IFunny is fun of your life. criminal, minds, spencerreid. Visiting him in the hospital. ”. Spencer Reid. You said as you ate another blueberry. Jun 02, 2017 · Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader Prompt: the reader works in the bau and is its translator for spanish and she has to interrogate someone in spanish and reid turns on bc they are dating and they make out in the elevator until it opens in a floor where all the team is Request: Upcoming Imagine: part 2 of…- period cramps (spencer reid x reader) - just a little spence fluff because i’ve missed criminal minds hey it's just kuro hi i'm kuro! shows i write for are criminal minds and macgyver requests are OPEN! Requested by EmmyDrakon: I REALLY dig your Legolas x Reader and your Aragorn x Reader works . Suddenly (y/n)‘s cell begin to shrilly ring in her dress pocket. He came back with a piece of plain bread. “Sorry Garcia” she mumbled as she turns it off and slips it back into her #spencer reid fluff #spencerreidxfem!oc #oneandonly||spencerreid #fem oc #criminal minds blurb #criminal minds bau #spencerreidxreader #spencer reid one shot #spencer reid #dr. The team profiles that you two are dating. Comment spencer reid dr spencer reid spencer reid x fem!reader spencer reid x reader spencer reid x you spencer reid x y/n spencer reid fanfic spencer reid fanfiction spencer reid one shot spencer reid fluff fluff criminal minds criminal minds fluff criminal minds fanfic criminal minds fanfiction it's the way this was like a window into my mind when i Discover more posts about spencer-reid-x-reader. Feb 23, 2017 · Caught (Spencer Reid x Reader) One shot request for @damhunterofartemis! “Spencer has a girlfriend and the team doesn’t know about her until they catch him kissing her. Prompt: the reader was kidnapped and the team finds her but the unsub starts attacking the team and she puts herself between Spencer (her fiancé) and the unsub. And she gets stabbed or shot (not death) and she gets checked out by the doctor and he tells her she’s pregnant but before she can tell Spencer he Sleep Deprivation - Spencer Reid x Reader. Top Photos. In the aftermath of “Somebody’s Watching”, Reid struggles to cope with what he’d felt with Lila. Dr. A/N: hey so I know it’s been awhile but I recently watched the season 15 premiere and I got Some inspiration (y/n) and Garcia were furiously typing away at the computers in the lab using all of their tech power to try and find the unsub Everett. He finds out your boyfriend is abusing you. Summary. Spencer Reid/Reader. Series. In an attempt to get over it, he goes out with Morgan and the girls, and finds someone that might be able to give him a hand. Add to Favourites. spencer reid spencer reid x reader spencer reid fluff criminal minds one shot. Writing Prompt: Spencer Reid is so sleep deprived he doesn’t notice his actions and accidentally crosses a line with reader. Reader-Insert. Worrying for your safety. Walking into th Discover more posts about spencer-reid-x-reader. Spencer reid x reader one shots Fanfiction. Spencer Reid X Reader: Short Stories. just a bunch of drabbley and fluffy one shots with everyone's favorite genius #araonhotchner #crminalminds #dereckmorgan #drspencerreid #emilyprentiss #fanfic #fanfiction #penelopegarcia #reader #readerinsert #spencerreid #spencerreidxreader #xreader Read Spencer X reader from the story REID X READER Oneshots by Dacianawolf (Jennifer Petroff) with 10,664 reads. JJ is your sister and she gets shot. Saying I love you. spencerreid #drspencerreid #dr spencer reid #spencer walter reid #spencer reid smut #spencer reid x reader #spencer reid x y/n #criminal minds smut #spencer reid Painting Flowers (Spencer Reid x Reader) One shot. she's worth a shot. #spencer reid x reader May 04, 2017 · Criminal minds spencer reid x reader imagines. ” Un-beta’d! Requests are still Spencer Reid x Reader: She’s Early Request: “Hiii love! Can you do an imagine where the reader gives birth and spencer or luke is there to talk her through it / comfort her?” Jul 24, 2017 · Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader. Images, GIFs and videos featured seven times a day Jul 15, 2016 · Go Crazy (Spencer Reid x Reader) "Uh, what are you doing, (y/n)?" Spencer asks from the living room of your shared apartment, curious as to why you've gone silent