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Clean himself, glaring at you with those dull gray eyes. You slammed your tray down on the table and ran into the hallway, frustrated at Levi and frustrated at yourself. All this morning, while he sat at his desk, he wondered how the hell the cat got into his office and where it had come from. He woke up, got dressed and went to the Mess Hall. Watch popular content from the following creators: Mizu ♡(@mizu_ackerman), partidemaison(@partidemaison), Levi’s wife(@simpingforleviackerman), NOT ACTIVE!!!(@user4zr9ktghnc), Levi Ackerman Stan . (Levi x Reader) Levi stared at the cat and the cat stared right back at him, tilting its head cutely. May 14, 2016 · In The Summertime Levi x Reader [LEMON!] It was a warm day and you couldn't move or talk and everything was blurry. Dec 30, 2014 · The Sneak Out Squad (Jealous!Levi x Reader Lemon) ~Part 1~ The day had started off like any other day. That was it. And with that, the night is over. Only, today was different--because something was going on that he didn't know about, and it had something to do with, Eren, Hanji, Armin, Mikasa and (First). You did scream his name millions of times but he never did respond Jun 15, 2015 · - Levi x Reader (AU) - Chapter 10 You and Levi end up being the last people who aren’t infected, and when Reiner comes back to tag you guys out, Levi takes the loss and lets you win. By the time they reach you it is almost lights out. You looked up to see Mr. Everyone is using their 3DMG as fast as they can to you. Jun 28, 2014 · Just as you were about to grab a baked potato, a pale, slender hand took it before you. fanfiction, leviackermanxr levi x reader lemon forced 30. 6K views Discover short videos related to levi x reader lemon forced on TikTok. You look back to see a familiar raven haired hottie. Read Yandere! Levi X Reader (Forced Lemon) from the story Levi X Reader (One-shots and Mini Series) by SavvyMlynn with 14,237 reads